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Comic: The Helium Balloon

May 11, 2015

After radioactive iodine treatment, a friend sent me a helium balloon. A big smiley yellow helium balloon. This balloon has kept me company for over 2 months, the persistent little thing. Only recently has it started to descend from the ceiling and even more recently has taken to being blown around the apartment by imperceptible air currents. It pops up out of nowhere. One moment in the bedroom, next moment in the living room…and most recently, it made a surprise appearance in the kitchen…

I love that my friends have found different, creative ways to show me their support from around the world. For me, it has been such an important part of my treatment and ongoing recovery. Also, notice that I am in the kitchen again ! I have been making some changes to my diet which I think will help in the long-term. After the cancer diagnosis, people have been telling me/suggesting that I cut down on my sugar intake. After the radioactive iodine treatment, I started having ridiculous sugar cravings..perhaps because it gave me quick energy and I was so lethargic? Anyway, I have been cutting down on sugar significantly. It’s been a week now and there’s already a drastic change in my cravings. One less hot chocolate at a time.