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Hugs, please?

 February 10, 2015

People who know me well know that I like hugs. When you give a hug, you get a hug. Tomorrow I will be radioactive. That means that for the next 48 hours, I will be in isolation in hospital and after that, for about 6-8 days, no one can come within 6 feet of me. And that makes me feel lonely.

So I have a favour to ask, please send me a virtual hug or a “mind hug” as my little cousin called it. Also, hugs can have healing powers. Comment below or send a private mesVirtual Hugsage with a:


*warm hug*

*reluctant hug because I have personal space issues*

*I’m only doing this because I want to appear empathetic – hug*

*you have cancer so oh alright – hug*

or any variation thereof. I’ll take it. I’m sure the collective hugs will make me less alone and you will feel like a slightly better human being. Thank you! Coping strategies FTW.