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Praise for Dancing in the Rain

“Sometimes you find a book that is so sweet. So wonderful and meaningful. Dancing in the Rain is just that book.”

– Sonya D., Urban Moms

“Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto (GCGT), a registered charity, would like to thank Nadha Hassen, for her ongoing support of the work being done at Gilda’s Club. As a teen, Nadha volunteered at GCGT in our children’s camp and then when her own life was impacted by cancer, she returned as a program participant. Nadha took part in our Digital Storytelling program where she continued to share her story about living with cancer and overcoming challenges. By choosing to support Gilda’s Club through proceeds from the sale of her wonderfully written book “Dancing in the Rain”, Nadha through the gift of storytelling is helping GCGT ensure no one has to face cancer alone. Living through life’s challenges with a supportive community, hope and resilience are themes that Nadha’s book and Gilda’s Club have in common.”

– Pat Brown, Executive Director of Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto

“I love the positive spirit of Dancing in the Rain. When I was feeling stressed and down about a difficult event in my life, I pulled the book off my shelf and flipped through the pages. I felt comforted by the messages of hope and youthful wisdom for staying strong. The thoughtful illustrations and quotes add the perfect touch. I whole-heartedly recommend it.”

 –  Katie, a reader

“Nadha Hassen’s writing is wise and accessible. The reader is drawn into each character’s story with a kind of awe -awe at the way these children and families deal with the challenges of life through finding beauty moment by moment. As a reader, I was left feeling grateful for all that life has to offer.”

                   Makeda, a reader

“The sensitive illustrations perfectly complement these tales of resilience and the power of hope, imagination and love.”

– Annette, Mother and LGBTQ2+ Seniors Advocate

“An empathetic and gentle book, Dancing in the Rain touches on life challenges and adversity, including grief, disability and illness,  through hopeful and captivating storytelling. Each vignette in the book weaves into the next, revealing powerful lessons and reminders along the way. Nadha Hassen’s writing is nostalgic and comforting, wise and encouraging. She reminds us of the inner strength and resilience we all have. As a reader, I fell in love with the characters in this book and saw my own loved ones emanate through them.”

                -Shermeen, a reader

“The best thing about your book is that you are not condescending towards children. That’s what makes it a good book.”

– My brother

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